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Choose any product from the entire range available from these manufacturers and we can supply it in bulk!


KopyKake Frosting Sheets

KopyKake Edible Printing Inks

KopyKake Airbrush Systems

Confectionery Arts International

Confectionery Arts Tylose Powder

Confectionery Arts Tylose Powder

Make amazing gum paste creations with the Confectionery Arts Tylose Powder.™
  • Specially formulated to resist high humidity.

  • Improves freeze and thaw stability of gum paste.

  • Longer shelf life.

  • It acts as a great emulsifier, that helps distribute the fat uniformly and prevents fat from migrating to the surface where it could oxidize and spoil the gum paste.

  • Gluten Free

  • Certified Kosher

  • INGREDIENTS - CMC, Sugar, Dextrine.

  • SHELF LIFE - 24 Months from date of manufacture.

  • PACKAGING - 2 oz. and Bulk.

  • STORAGE - Temperature to not exceed 75°F and relative humidity < 50%. Store in a well ventilated area free from odors and out of direct sunlight.

Confectionery Arts Gum Paste

Creations become easier with the Confectionery Arts Ready-to-Use Gum Paste!
  • The only gum paste that actually dries!

  • Specially formulated to resist humidity. 

  • Ready to use - Pliable and consistent.

  • Professional gum paste delivers superior elasticity.

Confectionery Arts Glitter Dust

Jewel Dust™
Confectionery Arts Glitter
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