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About Us

Our Mission

"To make available genuine and high quality products from the USA, to the International customer, while ensuring a smooth and transparent business process"

Our Values

Providing customers with a premier service, based on trust, clear communication and transparency in all transactions, forms the core of our business model.

Company Overview

Welcome to Cake Brands USA, a business to business wholesale and distribution company.

Cake Brands USA, based in Orlando, Florida, is an Authorized Distributor and Wholesaler of branded food colors & cake and bakery supplies, specializing in supplying exclusively to global businesses and manufacturers in the Cake & Confectionery Industries.

We started our business in 2011 with the aim of providing US brand cake and bakery products to the international wholesaler, since these products excel in quality and consistency and are highly sought after.


Based on the values of honesty, integrity and trust, Cake Brands USA has been highly successful in building successful relationships with both it's suppliers and it's customers alike.

Our products are sourced directly from the very best, industry-leading manufacturers in the US, thus always ensuring genuine products, quick availability and always the best prices. 


We always go a step further by offering assistance to our international customers for order placement, working with them through easy payment channels & also providing logistics assistance where needed, working as a one point sourcing company for small and large businesses around the world.

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